Saudi Arabia government utilizes Metaverse to celebrate founding day

Saudi Arabia government adapts metaverse technology that enables users to explore their past history virtually from 1727.

Saudi Arabia government utilizes Metaverse to celebrate founding day
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Saudi Arabia utilizes Metaverse to celebrate their founding day!!

The Saudi Arabian government initiates a cultural metaverse universe that takes back the people to the olden days starting from 1727.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture launched a metaverse dedicated to showcasing and preserving the nation’s cultural heritage on the occasion of its founding day.

The Saudi government’s Cultural Universe metaverse initiative, which takes a user through the long history of Saudi Arabia dating back to 1727. The metaverse was built on top of Oracle’s Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology and developed by droppGroup’s Generative Media Intelligence artificial intelligence (AI) system droppPhygital.

The virtual world takes a first-person shooter approach to help users navigate the metaverse. Users can walk freely on a common path along with other users and explore the information provided on both sides of the path. Going near the virtual representations of historical events triggers a voice audio explaining the event in detail. However, the audio is limited to Arabic and is not available in English.

The Cultural Universe also includes other sectors dedicated to music, art, history, food and crafts around Saudi heritage, as well as mini video games. The service is free to use and can be accessed via website, mobile, virtual reality headsets and other supported digital devices. 


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