Building a P2P Crypto Exchange: How Plurance's Remitano Clone Script Makes It Possible


Looking for a technology-packed Remitano clone script? Plurance's Remitano Clone Script is a prefabricated escrowed-powered P2P cryptocurrency exchange script enhancing entrepreneurs to create a replica of a popular P2P crypto exchange like Remitano.

Building a P2P Crypto Exchange: How Plurance's Remitano Clone Script Makes It Possible
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Remitano Clone Script Development

With our Remitano clone script development, you can commence your journey to launching a trusted and profitable cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano. To ensure the scalability and transparency of our Remitano clone development, Our team of developers leverages cutting-edge technologies and tools. Start building your robust P2P Remitano exchange to ensure the buying/selling of cryptos in a safe way.

What is Remitano Clone Script?

Remitano clone script is the pre-fabricated peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange software that initiates to launch the of a trading platform like Remitano. With the help of this platform, users can trade cryptocurrencies without any hassles. It has tailored and advanced features with a dispute management system to manage all disputes. Our team of developers builds your Remitano clone script with user-friendly interfaces and an escrow system. We create your trading platform with all personalized themes, colors, backgrounds, designs, and so on. At Plurance, we assist in developing and launching Remitano clone script with powerful APIs.

Features of Our Remitano Clone Script

  • Sturdy Escrow System
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Dispute management system
  • Secured transactions
  • Multiple cryptocurrency support
  • Integration of trading bot
  • Powerful APIs
  • Staking,swapping and investment options
  • P2P trading modules
  • High security and transparency
  • Advanced chart tools
  • Multisig wallets

Security Features of Our Remitano Clone Script 

  • Two factor Authentication 
  • Tracking system to follow users activities
  • HTTPS authentication
  • End-to end encrypted transactions
  • Jail login
  • SSRF/ CSRF protection
  • SSL injection

How does our Remitano Clone Script work?

  • Users need to register themselves and login to enter the platform.
  • After penetrating through the platform, users will undergo KYC/ AML Verification for ensuring highest security.
  • Users can engage in finding the correct matching orders to involve in trading.
  • The Seller sends the digital assets to the escrow and the buyer completes the payment. Then the buyer receives the cryptos in their wallet. 

Remitano Clone App Development

Mobile applications are the easiest way of accessing the trading process in recent times. Cryptocurrency exchanges in this crypto era will enhance the ways of exchanging cryptos, and mobile versions are more reliable. Plurance is the top Remitano clone app development company that provides avant-garde solutions to deploy clone apps with all salient features. Our Remitano clone app supports both Android and ios versions. Users will receive pop-up notifications and easier accessibility will be the predominant aspect of these apps. We have a talented team of developers to design and launch the apps which will inherit all essential features and functions. Some of the vital attributes of our Remitano clone app is listed below as follows:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Push notifications
  • Supports P2P transactions
  • Inherit a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Wallet support
  • Crypto swapping options
  • Dashboard to display your transaction history
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Customized trading options
  • Biometric authentication

Benefits of Using Our Remitano Clone Script

  • Buying/ selling cryptocurrencies is made easier, fast, and secured without any difficulties.
  • It will be the right medium in yielding profits in different ways like transaction fees, commission fees, listing fees, and so on.
  • The Platform offers many types of trading like margin trading, lending options, etc.
  • It supports nearly 150+ cryptocurrencies and users can select their own preferred cryptos to engage in trading.
  • Trading can be facilitated by eliminating the interference of any third parties. Hence, the transactions happen directly between the buyer and seller, making trading more simple.

Development Process of Our Remitano Clone Script

We follow various steps to develop your  Remitano clone script and they are listed below:

Requirement Gathering: Our team sits for a discussion to get all the requirements for developing your Remitano clone script. We try to include all the essential features and functionalities.

Technical Planning: We step ahead in understanding the technical aspects to be included in the clone script. Some technical aspects we focus on are the programming languages, frameworks and APIs.

UI/UX Designing: Our design team concentrates on creating the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of your Remitano clone script. It will be an intuitive and user-friendly interface like the original platform. 

Development: In this phase, we implement the core functionalities of the platform, including user registration and authentication, wallet integration, trading features, and transaction handling.

Testing: Our team tests your Remitano clone script to identify and fix any bugs or issues. This ensures the platform is security enriched.

Deployment: We deploy your Remitano clone script to a production environment after multiple testing procedures. 

Maintenance and Support: We also provide maintenance and support for your Remitano clone script to fix any issues, and provide regular updates.

Why Choose Plurance for Remitano Clone Script Development?

Crypto Enthusiasts are very eager to be a part of crypto markets. Their ultimate goal is to gain the top position among the competitors and get huge ROIs. Making it possible, Plurance as the leading Remitano clone script development company paves the pathway for exchanging the cryptos. This can endeavor through our cryptocurrency exchanges, especially P2P exchanges like Remitano. We have knowledgeable frontend and backend developers with 13+ years of experience to build the script with dominant functions. By implementing the latest strategies and the usage of advanced tools, your Remitano clone script is brought into use to progress your business development and growth. 

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