Create your feature-packed BC.Game Clone Script

A BC.Game clone script is a pre-made solution for creating a cryptocurrency-based online casino gaming platform similar to BC.Game. It includes features for playing various casino games, making sports bets, and engaging in live betting. By using Our BC.Game clone script, entrepreneurs can quickly launch their own crypto casino and sportsbook with exceptional performance, allowing users to enjoy a wide range of betting and gaming options. With our BC.Game clone, contemporary UI/UX designs, we guarantee that our customers will have the best gaming experience they've ever had.

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White Label BC.Game Clone Software

A White label BC.Game clone software is 100% customizable software that resembles like BC.Game with add-on features based on the business requirements and it can be used to launch players-engaging crypto-based gambling platforms. It is built with an alluring user interface to make the players feel fantastic in online casino gameplay and also incorporates the incredible graphics. Using the latest programming languages and tools, Plurance can develop the white label BC game clone software in a cost-effective way. Our Solutions can be used to engage in the alluring gaming atmosphere, which is also ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs that wish to rule the cryptocurrency industry.

Features of Our BC.Game Clone script

Eye-catching UX/UI Designs

To ensure a user-friendly and seamless experience in playing several gambling games, our team of developers can implement the advanced and feature-rich UX/UI designs in your clone.

Wide range of casino games

Our BC.Game clone script incorporates a list of casino games that will attract millions of users towards the platform. We support you through the selection, building and launching of the games as per your wish.

High end security protocols

As we bring in both blockchain and smart contracts into picturization, the security amenities included will be the most encouraging aspect. Security protocols are hitched with our clone script to enlist all the safe ways of transactions

User and admin dashboards

Management of user accounts, games, and transactions are done using a sophisticated admin interface. User behavior and game performance are always being watched and the ability to change the game's conditions and guidelines are being processed.

Tokens for purchasing the in-game assets

The purchase of in-game assets like land, accessories, moving on to the level up can be done with the help of the tokens.

Mobile compatibility

Our BC.Game clone can be customized in the app format with all intuitive features and functions. This can be an easier way of accessing the gaming platform.

Blockchain integration

Blockchain plays an important role in enhancing the entire gameplay with utmost security. With 10+ years of experience in the relevant arena, we build robust platforms having impeccable features.

Instant deposit and withdrawal options

Both depositing and withdrawing funds are easily enabled. To safeguard user information and cash, robust security mechanisms are put into place, such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and encryption.

Reward System

To encourage user participation, our Bc.Game clone software offers incentives like bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programmes.

Benefits of Our BC.Game Clone Script

Our BC.Game Clone Development Services

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Crash Clone Script

A BC.Game crash game involves strategy like betting on an increasing multiplier. Here, the value of this multiplier increases until the game crashes. We offer the most lucrative BC.Game Crash clone script having Crash-alike approaches and high ROI generation techniques.

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Hash Dice Clone Script

BC.Game Hash Dice is a probability game that uses blockchain hash value calculation and algorithm. This game provides more fun with bet and prediction, where the closer the number rolled by players to the random number, the higher the probability of winning. Using the above approaches, we build your BC Game Hash Dice clone script with preferred amenities.

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NFT Clone Script

We developed a copy of that incorporates NFTs due to their rising popularity. The development and exchange of in-game NFT assets will attract several users.

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Casino Clone Script

BC.Game Casino game is an iGaming platform that claims to offer provably fair traditional crypto games, sports betting, and casinos. Our team are the experts in designing and launching casino platforms with standardized gameplay and security features.

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Clone App Development

BC.Game clone app is a mobile application created to mimic the features and functions of the original BC.Game platform. With a wide selection of casino-style games, provably fair gaming, cryptocurrency support, and a player community, We build the BC.Game clone app for the engaging experience. Usually, businesses or people who wish to enter the blockchain gaming market or produce a similar gaming experience for their players would create these clone apps.

Features of Our Clone App

Multiple cryptocurrency support
List of games
Blockchain integration
User authentication
Fosters user community
Security measures
Monetization opportunities
Fair gameplay experience

Supported Blockchain Platforms in Our BC.Game Clone Script

One of the significant benefits that come with our BC.Game Clone Script is the number of top leading blockchains it supports. Here’s the list,

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Solana image
Polkadot image
Polygon image
BSC image
Tron image
Avalanche image
Wax image
Fantom image
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Supported Wallets in Our BC.Game Clone Script

To accommodate different digital assets, our BC. game platforms support a variety of cryptocurrency wallets. Wallet types that are frequently supported include

Revenue Streams of Our BC.Game Clone Script

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Transaction Fees

Transaction fees for bringing cryptocurrency into the platform and taking it out again is made possible. These charges may differ depending on the type of cryptocurrency utilized and the volume of the transaction.

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Subscription Fees

Premium memberships or subscription plans can be offered to the users with a range of advantages, including lower costs, access to premium games, or bigger bonuses.

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Referral Bonuses

This option enables paying the users who refer new gamers by way of referral bonuses. These bonuses may take the shape of a set sum of money or a percentage of the losses of the person who introduced them.

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Token sale

During an initial coin offering (ICO), you can make money by selling investors these tokens.

Why do you have to select Plurance's Feature-packed BC.Game clone solution?

Plurance is the dominant Blockchain game clone development company, who can provide you the ultimate gaming solutions using emerging technologies and have introduced gaming sectors that have transformed the lives of its players around the globe. We have a team of skilled developers who have 10+ years of experience in blockchain technology, to build your BC.Game platform with all enhanced features and functions. We leverage proven BC.Game clone script development methodologies and our unparalleled technical expertise to define, design, and develop a robust community-based crypto casino gaming platform can meet your business requirements and goals. Get in collaboration with Plurance to get the outstanding BC.Game clone app creation services from our talented and committed team.

Hire Our Crypto Casino Game Developers

Hire our crypto casino game developers to build a structured BC gaming clone with all of your unique ideas and tech-neutral solutions. Our BC game clone script attracts millions of gamers to the platform because of its attractive UI/UX designs. Build your community-driven crypto casino gaming platform for the most enthralling gaming experiences. The success of your project might be greatly impacted by engaging our talented experts.



A BC.Game Clone Script is a ready-made software solution that replicates the functionality and features of the popular BC.Game platform. It allows users to engage in playing different types of casino games. 

Yes, Our Whitelabel BC.Game Clone Software is customizable, allowing users to tailor and modify various aspects such as game selection, design, and additional features according to their specific preferences and requirements.

Utilizing BC.Game Clone Script saves time and resources by offering a pre-built solution with existing features, reducing development costs and enabling a quicker launch of a crypto gaming platform.

Some of the main features and functionalities of our BC.Game Clone Script are dice and roulette, secure transactions, customizable settings, multi-currency support, real-time analytics, and a user-friendly interface.

Opting for a ready-made BC Game Clone Script is a cost-effective solution as it reduces development costs and no need to build from scratch which leads to establishing your custom crypto casino gaming platform quickly.

Our clone script is developed with security and reliability in mind, guaranteeing the privacy of data and giving users a secure gaming environment.

Yes, Plurance's clone script supports the integration of other cryptocurrencies, enabling you to give your gamers a diverse and friendly gaming experience.

The cost of an BC.Game clone script can change depending on the business requirements. Contact our specialists if you would like more information about the cost of building a BC.Game clone script.

Absolutely! Plurance provides dedicated technical support to assist you at each step of the process, from initial setup to continuous maintenance and troubleshooting.