Privacy Policy

We, at Plurance (hereinafter - “we”, “us”, “Plurance") formed a structurized private policy which illustrates that the data Plurance gathers from you, how data is used effectively and the ways to exercise your own rights. Before seeking for any of our services, we kindly request you to read the privacy policy which is the vital request from our side.

Privacy and Security of our customers are the foremost factors we give importance with the assurance of safe-guarding their data. Processing of individual data gathered from our site is assembled through proper framework. We are responsible for delivering greater experience to the users using our website, to provide information you require, and respond to the inquiries through the popup menu. We take oath in sheltering the personal information so as we are confined to maintaining the privacy policy. Our organization complies to follow the below rules in upholding customers privacy.

  1. Rules of usefulness: Data of individuals are processed legitimately in a straight-forward manner.
  2. Rules of minimalism: Our team piles up the data from individuals in a required quantity and they are removed from the database if the usage is over or if not needed anymore.
  3. Restricted use: With the approval of central and particular authority, we tend to use the data confidentially.
  4. Rules of data quality: We aim high and in targeting the goal to manifest the faster data processing, we proceed with updating at regular intervals.
  5. Security rules: By implementing the most needed security enactments, we guarantee in holding over the personal data and protecting them from any mishandlings.
  6. Rules of individual participation: Individual’s data will be reported and is provided with access for any corrections in future.
Data We Collect

In-order to provide feedback respective of our services Plurance collects data through enquiry forms which includes contact forms. These forms contain personal information like name, phone numbers ,company name ,email addresses. In accordance with the collected data, we request you to provide a declaration that the filled personal data are true and in case there is any need of alterations, with prior notification contact our team.

Also we collect location details like device’s location and we ensure you provide data regarding the country you belong to and the language you prefer to proceed further. If you don't need us to gather such information, you can either refuse or disable your location.

We collect configuration data pointing to the details about the network for hitching the access of connection to our company’s site,which incorporates the IP address.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Hence, by undergoing various performance tests we wish to increase the rates of the subsequent execution of our services. Therefore we collect data regarding the problem and tend to work towards providing the best solutions.

In the event of getting stuck in any troubleshooting and in need of any particular assistance, we fetch up all the details like software,hardware and similar information regarding the problem caused.

Reasons for Collecting Personal Data

Plurance collects personal data for the following reasons

  1. For transmitting the data via communications which includes promotional activities like advertising, detailed history of statistics of the daily visitors to the site, website troubleshooting. These are performed in-order to double the performance of the site.
  2. We also try to prolong privacy by building technological shields to prevent the leakage of data.
What Rights do you have?

Questioning about what personal data we have about you and also about the recipients of the personal data is invited.

Requests for the updations and corrections of any outdated or any incorrections are left over the hands of users.

In case any needs arise for marketing communications, you can contact our team.

If missed any opportunity in reaching us, we welcome the requests in recalling us for processing it next for future developments.

Rights given to update or delete any information.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

Plurance in aim of providing online services and collecting data, uses the cookies and similar technologies as the unique medium. The cookies contain texts that incorporate a number of strings and letters to spot the identification purposes.Usage of cookies are depend on the following purposes and are listed below:


To detect any frauds or illegal activities, we use cookies for security purposes.

In-order to store the information you provided on the website, we use cookies.

Apart from the cookies, we also implement similar technologies to perform activities like storage and read data files on the computer, which might increase the speed and performance highly. Also it is used to store the unique identifier for your computer, for tracking the behavioral functionalities.

How we secure your data

Usage of various technologies to protect your personal data is being executed. This neglects unauthorized access or any hacks.

Change of Privacy Policy:

Whenever necessary updates are required, we tend to change them as per the standard criterions of the company. To have a reference about the latest changes, you can look after the latest updated date at the beginning of the privacy policy page.

How to Contact Us:

In-case of any concern about privacy, and questions to learn about the policy, please contact us at , We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.