Launch Your High Revenue Generating Swipe To Earn Gaming Platform With Yescoin Clone Script

Yescoin clone script is the ready-to-deploy software solution by Plurance that helps you in the establishment of lucrative swipe to earn gaming platform.

Launch Your High Revenue Generating Swipe To Earn Gaming Platform With Yescoin Clone Script
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Why are Swipe-to-Earn games like Yescoin more tempting in Recent times? 

Yescoin is the advanced Swipe to earn Telegram based games. In the quickly expanding world of the Telegram app and TON blockchain, this is just another minigame.To view the game screen, users can then hit the play button. Users can swipe their fingertips across the main screen to gather the many coins that are displayed. 

Various incentives, bonuses, and extra activities will appear for users to finish in order to obtain more coins as they swipe around gathering tokens. 

A recurring aspect in Telegram-based cryptocurrency games is the ability for users to earn prizes by inviting their friends to play the game. 

Yescoin Clone Script

Yescoin Clone Script is a pre-made, customizable software solution that enables individuals or companies to create a Yescoin-like telegram-based swipe game.In this platform , Users advance into higher leagues after meeting specific criteria. Users can now swipe random coins valued significantly more than the average, which rises with each league, as they advance through the ranks. As per your needs, we run along with all desired amenities to be included to grab the targets of your business.

Level up your Gameplay: Exciting Swipe-to-Earn game features to explore

Go for alluring swipe-to-earn gaming protocols: Swiping your screen to gather Yescoins while you play can win you incentives.Through the achievement of specific objectives, you progress through the game's several leagues.

User friendly interface: As we incorporate an intuitive and reliable interface, it ensures the best gaming experience.

TON integration: In order to assure the utmost security and transparency, the platform is inherited with TON and it exactly makes the entire function more enticing.

Reward system: Making use of our Yescoin clone to claim daily incentives is easy.With this small investment, you may significantly raise your daily profits and receive more Yescoins in exchange for your labor. Bonuses for daily logins encourage consistent gameplay and quicken the accrual of money.

Airdrops: Airdrops and specialized events are offered by the handcrafted Yescoin clone software that will generate more incomes.

How does Our Yescoin Clone Software work?

Through easy-to-understand screen swipes, players can amass gold Yescoins in a compelling manner. 

Through time-limited missions and content competitions, Yescoin arranges special event tasks that let users show off their skills and win unexpected rewards.

Through the opening of chests, the purchase of accessories such as the YesPac robot, and the completion of various missions that are classified as event, improved, or everyday, players can gain additional cash.  

Through the use of Telegram's social network, users may invite friends to join Yescoin, forming squads and increasing their earnings in the process.

Ways of Participating in Yescoin’s airdrop

  • The Yescoin airdrop is easy to take part in. 
  • Use the Yescoin Bot after setting up your Telegram account.
  • Click the Play button for starting over mining. 
  • Then start engaging yourself in playing and earning.

Benefits of playing Games like Yescoin 

Absolutely fascinating is Yescoin on the TON Blockchain.

To enable quick and safe transactions, TON blockchain has been implemented. 

Yescoin transactions are handled by TON's blockchain layers, which divide up the processing power and produce very safe, very instantaneous transactions.

To process the faster transactions, sharding mechanisms are used.

Unlike other clicker games, Yescoin adopts a different strategy. Players swipe across a screen that is covered in gold tokens as opposed to just tapping. There is a never-ending cycle of action because new tokens appear as old ones disappear.

The Yescoin clone will implement functions related to TON wallets and TON space, helping web2 users switch to TON wallets and instantly providing hundreds of thousands of TON wallet addresses.

Why Choose Plurance for Getting Yescoin Clone Script?

Plurance is the leading P2E game development whose speciality relies on creating the swipe to earn games also. With the assistance of our developers, each and every game aspect is added to render the best solutions. Advanced tools, plug-ins are added by our team in order to earn the rewards after playing the game. As the TON blockchain comes in line, your need for implementing the prominent blockchain amenities are assured as we have deep expertise in it.

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