Top ERC Token Standards in 2024

ERC token standards are vital for increasing interoperability and improving the use of Ethereum-based tokens.

Top ERC Token Standards in 2024
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The ERC token standards are considered to be more popular that enhances  interoperability and fosters the usefulness of Ethereum-based tokens as they are accompanied with blockchain technology. Because of its dependability and repute, Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain network. Crypto tokens are considered to be a prerequisite for every crypto-related activity. For the development of various kinds of cryptocurrency tokens, the Ethereum blockchain offers several ERC standards. Token ownership, and the token transfer function are considered to be the important aspects.In this article, let's discuss the ethereum standards that are considered to be top-notch in recent times. 

Some Important Ethereum Standards in 2024

  • ERC-721
  • ERC-20
  • ERC-1155
  • ERC-621
  • ERC-223
  • ERC-1400
  • ERC-777
  • ERC-6551
  • ERC-165
  • ERC-884

ERC-721 Standard

A well-known Ethereum-based token standard called ERC721 provides guidelines for creating tokens that are distinctive from others. 

 It is used to illustrate unique objects on the blockchain, such as collectibles, rare items, and ownership of digital assets.

ERC-20 Standard

Being the popular token standard, ERC-20 has the best features that can make it more reliable in the markets. 

It incorporates certain standards, rules, functions which make them interchangeable and can be exchanged easily with the same value.

Creation of utility tokens, stablecoins and security tokens are the most notable amenities of these standards, which can be brought to a conclusion that they are used for raising funds in any businesses and helps startups in various ways.

ERC-1155 Standard

Having both fungible and non-fungible token characteristics, ERC-1155 standard is most probably used in gaming.

Smart contracts can be created using these tokens as it offers high flexibility and top-notch efficiency.

Benefits of using these tokens are they minimize the transactions happening and enhance better performance.

ERC-1400 token Standard

For creating a cooperating framework, ERC-1400 token standard is used.

Being considered as the security tokens, it is used to create, and trade tokens in a closed environment.

ERC-6551 Token standard

In the cryptocurrency market, this is a new ERC standard. While ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens have become quite popular, ERC6551 offers a unique method of tokenization by fusing the most useful features of both of them.

Decentralized finance, gaming, collectibles, and supply chain management all use it.

ERC-165 Token standard

Known to be the supporting token standard for ERC-721, ERC-165 is the top-notch and maximum used tokens in recent times.

Maintaining the bond between dapps and smart contracts, these tokens have a special value and support multiple interfaces. 

ERC-223 Token standard

The purpose of this standard is to address the token loss problem with the ERC20 tokens standard.

Notwithstanding the minor inconsistencies, this is gradually becoming more and more well-known in the cryptocurrency field.

ERC-777 Token standard

The functionality of the ERC20 and ERC223 standards is included in the distinguished Ethereum blockchain ERC 777 standard. 

It is more economical to transfer tokens in a single transaction.

Enclosing a new function named "send" that permits more effective token transfers is one of the main benefits of ERC777 over ERC20.

ERC-884 Token standard

Expanding on the features of ERC20 and ERC721, ERC 884 is a proposed ERC standard on the Ethereum network. 

The ability to partially own a variety of real-world assets kept on the blockchain, is one of the main benefits of ERC884.

ERC-621 Token standard

ERC621, a proposed token standard, extends the functionality of ERC20 and ERC223 standards. 

Token creators are able to adjust the total amount in circulation by following this criteria.

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