What Are Telegram Tap-to-Earn Crypto Games? A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners:

In this blog, we discuss about the tap to earn games,all round aspect of telegram tap to earn games,its rise in popularity and its scope. If you want to develop these types of games, access the services of Plurance.

What Are Telegram Tap-to-Earn Crypto Games? A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners:
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Telegram,one of the largest social media communication platforms, now provides the room for the gamers to play tap-to-earn games. With the rise of popularity of T2E games, telegram integrates it into its platform that results in attracting a huge fanbase for those types of games. There are many mini app games which lead their millions of users to dive into the web3 ecosystem from web2 landscape.

In this blog, we can discuss telegram tap to earn games in all aspects.

What exactly tap-to-earn-game is and why is it so trendy?

Tap to earn games are a type of cryptocurrency game in which the users are allowed to earn rewards after performing certain tasks usually based on clicking. The users can click on a button displayed on the interface and can earn a token and level up their coin balance. These types of games are the subset of play to earn games in which the players can earn additionally with the fun earned through playing.

Now the tap to earn games is storming the crypto world in a huge manner. The reason for gaining popularity  among the players is, it is simple to play,easily accessible,and earns rewards in cryptos. Some of the games offer automated bots for the clicking options and it includes step by step gradual progression in the game which will unlock new characters or assets which is also an engaging factor.

Telegram Tap to earn games - The Next big thing:

Telegram based tap to earn games functions on the biggest social medium, telegram. The biggest platform integrates with these games to rightly harness its rise in fame among the players.These games run on the Open Network Blockchain (TON) which is developed by telegram. After receiving the massive response , the platform planned to achieve the humongous feat of pulling out 10 billion crypto users before the solana blockchain. 

There are many mini-app games on telegram which gain attention in this gaming world. Some of the popular tap to earn games are as follows: 

Popular Tap-Earn-Games on Telegram:

   Pixeltap is a sensational telegram based tap-to-earn crypto game powered by pixelverse gaining huge response among the crypto gamers across the globe. It is said to be the first T2E game which was launched by telegram platform. It allows users to play quest and combat mission games and earn rewards. The coins earned can be used to upgrade the bots which is helpful in playing against the opponents.

2. Hamster Combat:
    Hamster combat is a trending clicker game on telegram platform in which the users can earn in cryptos. The gameplay involves mining the native coin of HMSTR token. It helps to build the virtual crypto exchange and users can act as a CEO of it by managing it. The coins can be earned through touching the digital hamster every time. 
3. Tapswap:
 Tapswap is another popular tap to earn game available on the telegram platform. The gameplay in this arena is so simple i.e, the users can tap the screen on the interface and can earn TAPS coins. It will increase the balance in the user’s account.The coins can be converted into tokens and can be exchanged.

4. Notcoin:
   Notcoin is a viral telegram based clicker game in which it allows miners to mine tokens by clicking the coin available on the platform. It basically works on the TON blockchain network. The gameplay is to click the animated coin to earn the NOTCOIN.

5. Memefi:
Memefi , a clicker game which provides an engaging gameplay in which the users have to compete against enemies and destroy them to increase the coin balance. For every advancement of the stages, it results in the upgrade of character.

Final thoughts:

The future of the telegram based tap to earn games looks bright as it shows the upward graph currently and will not fade away due its craze among the crypto enthusiasts and also from the seasoned players since it combines the concept of finance and gaming(Gamifi). The added advantage in implementing these games on the telegram platform will surely bring success as it already has an established platform with millions of users.

Ready to launch telegram based tap to earn crypto games ?

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