Robinhood Clone Script : Launch a Commission-free Crypto Trading & Investing App

Plurance is the finest trading development company, Robinhood Clone Script is the exact replica of the trading app like Robinhood that helps in exploiting finance.

Robinhood Clone Script : Launch a Commission-free Crypto Trading & Investing App
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Robinhood clone script

Launch your crypto exchange platform with all reliable features by using our Robinhood clone script which can help Startups, Entrepreneurs to begin with commission free stock trading. Plurance will be your trustworthy partner in rendering the best ideologies and tools to assist you in all trading aspects with proper guidelines. 

Overview of Robinhood 

Robinhood is an app for stock trading that helps to transform finance and make trading available to everyone. Trading on a normal basis acquires brokerage fees. Apart from eliminating unnecessary charges, Robinhood has simplified trading for even those without any prior experience.Through the use of this online trading platform, traders can buy and sell stocks, exchange-traded funds, and cryptocurrencies without the involvement of middlemen which is the most notable feature of the platform. 

Get your Robinhood clone script to embrace trading easier

Robinhood clone script is the replica of the original Robinhood trading platform and with the use of it, you may create a platform for commission-free stock and investment trading. The key features and functionalities of Robinhood are integrated into this clone script, which provides a fully customized stock trading platform. It provides seamless user experience, real-time market data, advanced charting tools, portfolio management and order execution capabilities. With deep knowledge in trading and its amenities, our team develops your Robinhood clone app with all essential features and functions to streamline commission-free trading. 

Features of Our Robinhood clone Script

  • Portfolio of traders
  • Dashboard
  • Commission free trading
  • Easy money transfer
  • Watch list
  • Payment gateway integration
  • User registration and account
  • Intuitive interface
  • Robust security amenities
  • Re-investment options
  • Tracking of market data
  • Notification center
  • Advanced orders
  • Stock list and selection

Revenue Streams of Our Robinhood Clone Script

Our Robinhood clone script offers multiple revenue generating pathways that will help in growing your business in abundance. 

Transaction fees: A Modest percentage can be charged for each transaction made through your clone of Robinhood as gas fees to support the trading network.

Payment for order flow: You can obtain a sum payment for completing the orders via independent companies called market-makers who keep a sizable share inventory.

Membership fee: There are a number of high-end and advanced features available to individuals who choose to pay for this facility. A premium membership is the most effective way to use the trading app to generate big profits.

Stock loan: It permits users to borrow stocks from your platform and use it to make money by lending counterparty margin securities.

Through ads: A typical way to get money with any app is through ads. The in-app advertisements on your Robinhood-like platform also steal money.

Security Features of Our Robinhood clone script

  • Two factor authentication
  • OTP Verification
  • DDoS protection
  • Multi-sig Wallet integration
  • SSF Protection
  • CSRF protection
  • Content management system 

Benefits of Using Our Robinhood clone app

  • Easy and simple trading options
  • Zero commission trading
  • Cash management systems
  • Recurring investments
  • Low trading costs
  • High end security features. 

Why Choose Plurance for getting Robinhood clone script?

Plurance is the top-notch crypto exchange development company, having dedicated teams for every area, who can help with successful launch of robinhood clone script. To meet the needs of all of your business, our Robinhood clone software is built with cutting-edge features. Our UI/UX team designs a user interface for an application that is simple to use, full of features, and intuitive. We guarantee that user data is secure. With end-to-end encryption, our Robinhood clone app is extremely safe. We provide affordable solutions with the newest features integrated directly into your Robinhood trading platform and can be customized using your own brand name. 

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