Build Your Own Crypto Launchpad: Introducing Plurance's PinkSale Clone Script

Launch your own crypto launchpad with Plurance's PinkSale Clone script. Accelerate your crypto token project and revolutionize the industry. Empower your startup now!

Build Your Own Crypto Launchpad: Introducing Plurance's PinkSale Clone Script
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The crypto community is at the forefront of revolutionizing the digital landscape with innovative concepts, and one such concept is the launchpad. Launchpads have played a crucial role in enhancing token circulation within the crypto sphere, contributing to the growth of token economies. If you're looking to create your own launchpad ecosystem like Pinksale, which allows users to create and improve the token economy, Plurance offers a Pinksale clone script that can help you achieve your goals.

Embrace the token sales with Pinksale

Pinksale is an ecosystem that serves as a launchpad, providing users with a suite of tools to create tokens on various standards and launch them into the crypto sphere. The platform also facilitates listing created tokens on multiple DeFi platforms such as PancakeSwap, PinkSwap, UniSwap, and more. Now, let's delve into the process of creating a launchpad like PinkSale and how Plurance can assist you.

Overview of PinSale Clone Script 

PinkSale Clone Script is a readymade Launchpad Protocol that operates similar to PinkSale by offering a dedicated platform for creating tokens and a launchpad for token sales. 

PinkSale Clone Script is a launchpad platform offering users with the options to build their own token and create a dedicated initial token presale platform. The PinkSale Clone Script  is a replica of the most famous launchpad platform Pink Sale Finance. 

Plurance offers a White Label PinkSale Clone Script which is pre-built, multi-tested and allows customization of the platform based on your requirements. By opting PinkSale Clone Script, you can launch your own launchpad platform similar to PinkSale within a month. 

Features of PinkSale Clone Script

The PinkSale Clone Script developed by Plurance incorporates several attractive features to drive user engagement and improve your platform's audience:


This feature enables token creators to distribute free tokens to specific users, enhancing token circulation within the crypto world.

Instant Token Supply:

The PinkSale clone allows instant creation and launch of tokens with just three steps, empowering creators to improve token circulation promptly.

Token Branding:

With token branding features, creators can establish their tokens and achieve various goals within the PinkSale clone app.

Token Locking:

Creators can lock a specific amount of tokens for a designated period, avoiding inflation and ensuring controlled token circulation.


The PinkSale clone offers a whitelisting function that allows creators to distribute tokens to specific users using unique IDs.

Add on Features of Pinsale clone script

The PinkSale clone platform comprises various components that drive token creation and pre sale activities:

  • Token Creation -Users can create their own tokens using PinkSale Clone in just three simple steps. The platform supports multiple token standards, including Liquidity Generator tokens, Baby tokens, and Standard tokens. Users provide the token name, symbol, total supply, and pay a service fee to create their tokens.
  • Create Launchpad: Developing a token is not enough; it needs to be brought into circulation in the digital space. PinkSale Clone allows users to create their own launchpad for their tokens, facilitating token sales and improving the token economy.
  • Anti-Bot: One of the key attractions of the PinkSale clone platform is its Anti-Bot feature. This feature prevents various types of spam, such as price inflation after listing on exchanges, controls the total tradable token amount per trade, and prevents trading tokens on blacklisted addresses. The Anti-Bot ensures the token's stability and prevents crashes in the global market.
  • Token Vesting:Token Vesting is another essential component of launchpad development. Token creators can control the circulation of tokens by locking them for specific time periods. The creator determines the amount of tokens to be locked and the time intervals for unlocking them. This feature helps manage token supply and prevents sudden market flooding.

Benefits of Pinksale clone script Development

Choosing the PinkSale Clone Script from Plurance offers several benefits:

Simple Token Design:

Even individuals can create their own tokens using the Pinksale clone script with the assistance of our team. Creators can also determine the total supply of their tokens.

Simple Token Launch:

The user-friendly interface makes the process accessible to a wider audience. Token creators can determine the total supply of their tokens.

Community Growth:

Launching a PinkSale clone platform enables entrepreneurs to build and grow their own crypto communities. The platform serves as a gathering place for users interested in participating in token sales and engaging with new projects.


The PinkSale clone platform operates on a decentralized system powered by smart contracts. This ensures transparency, security, and eliminates the need for intermediaries in token creation and launch processes.

Cost-effectiveness :

 Developing a fully functional auction platform from scratch can be a costly endeavor. However, PinkSale Clone Script offers a cost-effective alternative, providing you with a comprehensive solution at a fraction of the cost. This cost-efficiency is especially beneficial for startups and small businesses with limited resources.

Impact on Token Economy:

By facilitating token creation, launch, and distribution, the PinkSale clone platform contributes to the growth of the token economy. It empowers token creators to reach a broader audience and foster token circulation in the crypto world.

How to Create a Launchpad like PinkSale ?

To create a launchpad similar to PinkSale, blockchain experts primarily follow these steps:

Step 1: Planning for Launchpad Development

Thoroughly plan the development of your launchpad platform, taking into account unique features and services you wish to offer to crypto users. Collaborating with developers during this stage will lead to a better outcome.

Step 2: White Paper Drafting

After finalizing the launchpad development plan, publish a whitepaper that showcases your product and its services. The whitepaper should provide comprehensive information, highlighting the features of your platform and attracting a larger audience.

Step 3: Design and Development

Design and develop your launchpad platform with a focus on user-friendly features and functionalities. Build the entire system on the blockchain network, incorporating pre-programmed smart contracts to ensure seamless operations.

Step 4: Wallet Integration

Integrate multiple crypto wallets into your platform, allowing users to perform actions with ease. By offering compatibility with various wallets, you can attract a broader user base.

Step 5: Development of PinkSale Features

Develop unique features within your launchpad platform that will benefit users. Innovative features will differentiate your platform and attract more users to your launchpad ecosystem, ultimately driving your goals in the crypto sphere.

Step 6: Deployment of Launchpad Ecosystem

Once your launchpad ecosystem is fully developed and tested in a testnet environment, it's time to deploy the platform on a web server and launch it in the global market. This allows users from all around the world to access and utilize your platform.

Methodologies we use for Pinksale like platform Development

Plurance, a pioneering Launchpad development company, offers PinkSale-like launchpad development on various blockchain networks to meet your business requirements.Plurance provides two approaches for PinkSale Clone Platform development:

Option 1: Development of PinkSale-like Platform from Scratch

Developing a launchpad from scratch requires more time and cost compared to utilizing a readymade clone. However, building from scratch allows for a unique platform with custom features. Plurance's experts can develop a top-notch launchpad similar to PinkSale tailored to your specific needs.

Option 2: White Label PinkSale Clone Script

Plurance also offers a White Label PinkSale Clone Script that provides a pre-built, extensively tested platform. This clone script can be customized based on your requirements, allowing you to launch your own PinkSale-like launchpad platform in just 15-30 days.

Why Choose Plurance for PinkSale Clone Development?

Choosing the PinkSale Clone Script from Plurance ensures a top-notch launchpad platform with multiple functions and an excellent user experience. Entrepreneurs and businessmen seeking a business opportunity with a large user base can leverage the PinkSale clone platform to tap into the growing crypto market and potentially earn substantial profits.

Plurance is a leading Launchpad development company, offering the PinkSale clone script developed to function on various blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, Solana, and others. Their experts have successfully launched many blockchain projects worldwide, and they can develop a custom PinkSale clone platform tailored to your business requirements.

By utilizing the PinkSale Clone Script or opting for custom development, you can establish your own launchpad protocol and elevate your business standards in the crypto sphere. With Plurance you can embark on a journey of growth and success in the launchpad ecosystem.

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