Newly launched crypto token in 2024

Explore the recently launched crypto token in the market.This feed may serve the purpose of launching your crypto token.

Newly launched crypto token in 2024
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Cryptocurrencies have taken a center stage in the financial domain for the past few years which unlocks the power of decentralization. Crypto tokens are developed from the blockchain technology that is newly developed. In contrast, there are crypto tokens which can be built in just 1 day from an existing blockchain. The crypto token can be used in the organization for the utility purposes and also for the investment purposes. The crypto token value will be based on the circulation and usage of the token by the users.

In this blog, we will discuss the newly launched crypto tokens in brief that may inspire budding entrepreneurs to launch their crypto token.

Pyth Network:

Pyth network token commonly known as PYTH is a token of the pyth network ecosystem. It runs on the Solana blockchain and has a market cap of $1.00B. Pyth tokens are used in the voting purpose on community governance proposals. It also serves for the incentive purpose for the users giving quality real-time data within the community.


BLUR token is a governance token of BLUR which is a NFT marketplace. It has an ethereum blockchain as a base and it is an ERC-20 token. It has a market cap of around $904.71M. The usage of blur token is, it plays as a governance token in the blur marketplace.


Vechain token is the native cryptocurrency of vechain which initially operated on ethereum blockchain till 2017. After that, vechain moved their crypto token to their own blockchain called vechain Thor. Vechain acts as a utility token for the transaction purpose as vechain is a supply chain management organization. The market cap of vechain token is $900.82M and holds a great future.

Ethereum Name Services:

Ethereum Name service(ENS) is a domain naming system which runs on ethereum blockchain. It is useful for  converting complex blockchain addresses to user-friendly and human-readable addresses. It acts as a governance token in the ENS ecosystem. The market cap of ENS tokens is $730.37M.


Stack token is created on the stack blockchain which expands the functionalities in bitcoin blockchain. It propels the functions of smart chain and decentralized applications to work on bitcoin blockchain. Together these blockchain work for an effective output.  STX token is the native coin of stacks used to execute smart contracts and perform transactions. It has a market cap value of $3.09B.

Akash network:

Akash network has a utility token called ATK which is built on their own blockchain named akash blockchain. ATK has a market cap value of $804.94M. It is a trending token and also one of the biggest gainers in recent times. This token acts as a utility token in the akash network.

Bitget token:

Bitget token is a token of popular crypto exchange bitget. It has a market cap of $987.41M. BGB  works on the ethereum blockchain of ERC-20 standard. As a utility token in the bitget crypto exchange, the users can avail fee discounts,get trading incentives and can be involved in the platform governance. BGB tokens are useful for staking purposes.


Monero(XMR) is a native coin of the monero network which has a market cap of $2.36B. It is built on a blockchain called opaque. The main purpose is to facilitate transactions to take place privately without any identity. 


Klaytn is a token which works on the klaytn blockchain which is a global layer1 public blockchain, introduced to increase efficiency at the enterprise level. Klay token acts as a utility token for all the transactions happening within the klaytn ecosystem. Klaytn holds a market cap of $816.01M. 


Sei token is a native coin of sei which is a layer1 blockchain introduced to revolutionize the decentralized exchange. It propels the transaction process at a lightning speed. Sei token use cases are utility and governance. Sei token’s market cap value is $2.02B and gaining large popularity among the crypto users.


As we near the end, I hope this blog feeds about recently launched tokens that speeds up you to make an entry in the crypto market and compete with your token. Using crypto token development, one can acquire a token to reap more benefits and be seen as a golden investment opportunity. As a highly recognised token development company, Plurance offers exceptional token development services. Our developers, who are proficient in blockchain technology, create your token by indulging in the latest stacks with utmost dedication to gain popularity among users after launch in the crypto universe.

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