How can AI create impact in various industries worldwide?


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How can AI create impact in various industries worldwide?
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Artificial intelligence has a strong influence with massive growth in this new technology era. In the upcoming years, adopting AI in any business is inevitable. By applying artificial intelligence, we can achieve the best outcomes or results with the least involvement of human power.

In this blog, we will discuss how some industries apply AI techniques.

AI in Healthcare:

AI's inclusion in healthcare can be most useful as the industry is involved in life-saving activities.

1. Virtual nursing assistant:

AI-powered apps or interfaces can be virtual assistants for monitoring patients, detecting illness through symptoms, checking their health status, and scheduling appointments with doctors. 

2. Involvement in minor surgeries:

We can involve AI robots in minor surgeries to work around the tissues surrounding the vital organs and also to prevent blood loss in the post-surgery phase.

3. Detection of dosage:

AI-powered tools in the patient's surroundings can be helpful in the detection of dosages taken by patients. It prevents the patient from consuming the wrong dosage of medicine.

Real-time example: IBM’s Watson healthcare chatbot is available  to answer patients' queries related to health topics.

AI in Education:

The involvement of artificial intelligence in education gives a new dimension and enhances learning for the students.

1. Tutoring chatbots:

Artificial intelligence can be employed for tutoring purposes for students in the form of AI tutor chatbots. This medium can clear the doubts of the students and explain the complex topics in an easy way by consuming less time.

2. Dedicated assistant:

AI-powered platforms can take the role of personal assistant for the students by providing information on where the students lag in studies and the student strong zone and can schedule the time frame of learning according to it.

Real-time example: Duolingo is an AI-based learning platform for students to learn that assesses the student's performance.

AI in Supply chain:

Including AI in the logistics and supply chain can ease the operation in that department as it involves tedious processes in the backend with a lot of workforces.

1. Insights of source material:

With the help of AI-based supply chain platforms, we can quickly source the manufacturing materials required for our business by comparing prices from many companies.

2. Forecast of raw materials:

AI can predict the availability of raw materials and forecast their upcoming shortage by perfectly analyzing the market situation.

Real-time example: Gather AI uses drones to capture the products in the inventory. It scans the barcode in the product and finds the availability of stocks.

AI in gaming : 

AI integrated with the game gives gamers a new perspective on gaming and a surreal experience.

1. Accurate prediction:

AI employed in the gaming platform can analyze the player's performance in the gaming arena and provide insights that can be helpful for gamers in the future.

2. Theft prevention:

Online gaming platforms may be prone to theft and more chances of cheating that spoils the gaming. AI prevents and blocks such kinds of activities. 

AI in Finance:

Artificial intelligence is employed in the finance sector to get precise data insights, forecast data, and performance reports with quality analysis.

1. Image/Video recognition:

With the help of image recognition, which is a part of AI, it can speed up the process of insurance claims by accessing the level of damage that occurred in vehicles or real estate, etc.

2. Investment solution:

With the accumulated data, AI can give the plans for their effective investments in accordance with the availability of the client's amount and give advice to get better returns.


According to trustable sources, the global AI market is $150.2 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 36.8% from 2023 to 2030. It depicts businesses using AI solutions to outperform their competitors.

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